Friday, December 4, 2009

120 More reasons why I love my Husband

Christmas came early this year, in the form of 120 of these fabulous little sticks!

I've been trying new techniques lately, and came across this one using OMS and a paper blending stump. This works best with Prismacolor pencils, and unfortunately I only had 3 of them! I tried it with all the other colored pencils in my stash, and just didn't get the results I liked. So I did a little browsing online and found a rockin deal on Amazon for only $88! A (not so) subtle hint to the Hubs, including a demonstration with Prismacolors and the "other" pencils, and he was convinced I needed an upgrade! I love that man!

(Also, my apologies to the UPS guy. I'm sure he's not used to having women come running and clapping every time he pulls into a driveway. You'd think he'd be used to it at my house, but he still looks a little shocked every time...)


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