Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fortune Cookie Wall Art

I've had these frames hanging on my wall for I can't even tell you how long, and I've been trying to decide how to handle putting the words on them. I had planned on printing them on vellum and finding a way to attach them without hiding too much of the paper, but then my FABULOUS Mom sent me goodies for Christmas! I'm loving my new Slice cartridges!

I had three sheets of the swirly paper and fussy cut out the four flowers and two leaves from the third sheet. I attached these to the front of the glass on each of the two phrase pieces.

The phrase itself came from a Fortune Cookie fortune I've been carrying around for a few years. Since I've decided my One Little Word this year is Do, I thought this works as a great reminder! It's amazing how much I've already accomplished just since the beginning of the year, I think there's hope for me yet!

Thanks for looking!


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