Monday, May 3, 2010

Scrap to Spend budget!

So there have been a lot of posts over at SCS about a Scrap to Spend budget, where you allow yourself a set amount of funds for every project you create.  I've been letting the idea marinate for a while now, and here is what I came up with:

Amount   Item
$1           Card
$2           Layout
$2.50     3D project
$2           Organization Project
$.50       Contract Work
$1           SU/DI Project (Shut up and Do It! project.... I have a LOT of these!)

Another stipulation to my budget is that when I buy something, I have to actually USE it right away!  I know, novel idea, huh?  I can't tell you how many stamp sets or paper packs or embellishments I have come across in my stash that I TOTALLY FORGOT that I had purchased!  I won't tell you how many paper packs I've actually bought multiples of because I had forgotten about them!  It's too embarassing...  I also have a huge weakness for that four letter S word.... you know the one.... SALE!  It's amazing the stuff I have purchased that I had absolutely no need for just because it was on sale!  Here's to using up my stash and saving up some cash! 


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