Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Polary Bear Christmas Card

So I liked the design of the Polar Bear card I did over the weekend that I adapted it to be a Christmas Card! 

I'm a little behind on my Chistmas Card goals so far this year.  I had planned on doing eight per month until October, that way I would have enough finished for mailing and still have two months free for making gifts.  Instead, it's June and I've only made 10 Christmas Cards!  This brings the total up to 25, so I feel a little better about meeting my goal.  I have a goal to use up some of my pre-cut card bases and Christmas Cards seem to work perfectly!  I'll have a few that will be some unorthodox color schemes, but hey, I'm an unorthodox kind of gal!  :)

Thanks for looking!


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