Monday, March 14, 2011

Time for a Reboot!

Ya know how frustrating it is when your computer completely dies and you're left with re-installing your entire operating system as the only possible sure-fire fix?  It's frustrating because it will be a big time sink to get everything reloaded, but at the same time it's quite liberating!  It's a great chance to get rid of all the extra programs and junk that you either never used or you wasted a lot of time on.  You know the ones, the silly little game that you really don't enjoy but somehow felt like you HAD to finish it??  And now that you have to start from scratch, you realize you really don't want to invest that time and energy into it after all?  Then you also have the different programs you "made do" with. They weren't really meeting your needs, and you KNOW there's something better on the market, but you didn't want to take the time to install and learn the new program.  Well, reformatting is the PERFECT opportunity to make these changes!

Over the past few weeks I've come to realize that *I* need to go through a mass reformatting.  Doing all of this purging and sorting in my craft room has made me think hard about what I REALLY want to be spending my time on.  There are a lot of areas in my life that I am putting too much effort into, and really not getting much out of.  At the same time there are other areas that have fallen by the wayside, turning me into the kind of person I do NOT want to be.  Thanks to a few personal revelations lately, my priorities have shifted into a much more positive track, and I definately need to embrace that going forward!  Don't worry, Dear Readers, this doesn't mean I'm going to stop crafting or quit my job or shave my head!!  This is just an awesome opportunity to really focus on what I love, and pour my energies fully into that!  See ya next week!


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