Friday, February 19, 2010

Cling Mounting your unmounted stamps

I took a creative break this week and decided to play with a new product I got in the mail from Sunday International.  They're cling sheets that are clear, and I thought I'd try out an idea I've been playing with for a while now.  I prefer to stamp without the foam on the back of the stamp.  I use a foam pad under my paper to get a nice crisp stamped image, and it hasn't failed me yet!  I also am able to keep two layers of unmounted stamps in my CD cases, whereas I'd only be able to keep one layer if I kept the foam.

Here is what I started with:
A piece of this stuff, cut wide enough to fit in my Xyron Machine
StazOn Ink in Black
Acrylic Block
Stamps to work with

FIRST (and very IMPORTANT!) peel the clear film off the backing sheet and flip it over.  Through some experimentation I found one side of this clings to a block better than the other side.  Don't make the mistake I did and stamp on the wrong side!  Stamp your images with StazOn on the clear film, leaving enough room around the images to accomodate the rubber of the stamp.  I use a pad under my paper (or in this case, film) to get a nice clear image.

Peel off the clear film and feed it through your Xyron machine, like so, with the stamped side up:

It will look like this after you run it through the Xyron machine:

I started at one edge of the strip and peeled back the backing a bit at a time, placing each stamp on the strip.  I did it this way because prior attempts got scrunched up and de-stickified when I tried to untangle them!
When you're done, cut them apart and then trim them down so the edges are nice and tidy, (this is before the final trimming):

The cling film sticks perfectly to the CD cases and acrylic blocks!

Thanks for looking!


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