Friday, February 12, 2010

January batch of Christmas Cards

I almost forgot to post these!  I'm trying to stay ahead of the game with my Christmas Cards this year, so I'm trying to make 8 each month so I have 80 done in plenty of time before they need to go in the mail.  Here is the design of the ones I did for January.

I kept these pretty simple but wanted to play with my new Spellbinders Build A Flake dies.  The card bases are stamped with "Let it Snow....Somewhere!" on the inside.  The bases started out as being for a project that would involve quilled snowflakes for the fronts, but that project didn't get too far.  I think I made one card, and I had plans for 18.  So I cannibalized the project in an effort to use up more of my stash!  The blue bases are from my rediculous stash of pre-cut card bases; the paper isn't very sturdy, so I figured they would work better for layering than for bases.  There are little bitty rhinestones in the center of each snowflake, also cannibalized from another project!  I can see more of these snowflakes in my future, since I still have about 4 card bases worth of the sparkly white paper.  I can't use these bases for cards because something was spilled on them.  (You know how often THAT happens at my craft table!!) 

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