Friday, July 2, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...

Well, I guess sitting on a plane for three hours can be time well spent after all!  I managed to get a few Christmas Cards inked and assembled, but with the turbulence I didn't want to chance stamping the images for these!

I bought a ton of these two papers last year with the intent of making Christmas Cards, but I didn't plan very well and ended up using cards from my stash instead.  I was surprised I had as many Christmas Cards already made as I did!  I send out about 80 each year, and thought I'd make a few each month to stay on top of things.  Well, I have enough pieces cut to make 48 of this design, I just gotta ink 12 pieces for every single card!!!  Things like this always seem like a good idea when I'm putting together the sample, but mass production is a whole other ball game!  And even with 48 cards, I still have a full sheet left of each of these two papers!

Thanks for looking!


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