Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paper Paper Everywhere!!

I figured I'd shed a little light on my "Rediculous Paper Stash" that I'm trying to use up.  Then perhaps people won't think I'm quite so crazy for making deals with my husband and trying so hard to use up scraps!

This section is my solid 12x12 paper, as well as my SU! paper and a few paper kits or coordinating stacks that I have disassembled.  Also here is my trusty ScorPal!

To the left is my 8 1/2 x 11 papers, to the right is all paper stacks.  From the one the black binding to the far right are all Christmas papers!  I know I know, I really gotta use some of this stuff up!  On top of the 8 1/2 x 11 is a few more paper stacks that I couldn't fit into the other cubby-hole, and on top of the 12x12 is a chipboard stack that I haven't even opened yet!!

This section is where I keep all my loose 12x12 paper, organized by company.  It's actually pretty hard to get these organizers in and out of here, since they're all stuffed so full!

Should we even talk about pre-cut card bases?

Yep, here's more!  These are the neutrals that I have a large chunk of that are all the same.  Sheesh!

And here is the famous (or infamous) Tower-o-Scraps!  These drawers are 12x12 and they are all stuffed to the brim!  THIS is why I'm trying to use my scraps before cutting into fresh sheets of paper!

Now do you see why people tell me I need a 12-step program? ;)


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