Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bitten by the Sewing Bug!

While trying to distract ourselves from a disappointing performance on Sunday Football, the Hubs asked if I could make something to keep his hands warm while he hunts.  He prefers to not wear gloves, because they keep him from feeling the trigger on his rifle, and up until now he has just pulled his hands into his coat.  As we all learned when we were kids, this No-Workey so well!  I offered to make a Manly Muff like the ones the Quarterbacks wear.  (You were wondering what this had to do with football, huh?)  He was very excited to go to Gander to buy one, and I asked him if he really wanted to spend the cash on something I could make pretty easily with the stash I have on hand... it's amazing what the guy will agree to when it protects his Hunting Beer budget!  ;)

Anywhoo, this is what I came up with.  I'm definately a Make It Up As You Go type of person, especially when it comes to sewing.  I threatened to make this with pink fleece and add little lace trim to it.... but he behaved himself and earned the boy colors.  The outside layer is a waterproof flannel, and the inside is two layers of polar fleece.  I made straps on the back so he can use the belt of his pack to hold it in place, that way he doesn't get stuck in it when he goes to shoot.  I had visions of a Chinese Finger Trap when I was making it; that kept me very entertained while I repeatedly ripped out seams!  The Hubs kept asking what I was giggling about, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings, and thankfully he doesn't read my Girly Blog!

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