Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crocheted Flowers

In the next card swap with the NMD Ladies over at SCS, we're supposed to include a little something from our stash as a care package for each of the other ladies!  Yes, I do have a rediculous stash, but I couldn't for the life of me think of something to send the girls that they didn't already have!  There's a few little things I'm including, but wanted a lil somethin that really packed a punch.  I know how expensive these little flowers can be when you buy them, and they take maybe 10 minutes to make!  So here's what I'm adding in!

I got the idea when I was paging through the most recent issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, they actually include the pattern in there in the description of one of the cards.  Since my rediculous stash also happens to include many MANY crochet supplies, I was able to whip these little bad boys out in no time!  I figured the white would be a good choice, and maybe I'll make up some in cream as well and send a few of each to the ladies.  Of course, now my mind is churning with ideas to make my own lace too! 

Thanks for looking!


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