Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coloring Fun!

I finally saved up enough cash to get my first set of Copics!  They arrived yesterday, and I've been doing a little bit of experimenting with them.  Aren't they pretty??

I inked up this fun stamp and used some generic cardstock to do some playing around.  I tried a few different techniques, and I definately learned quite a bit!  My first bit of advice would be to work in VERY small areas; it's easier to blend the colors before the ink totally dries.  I also learned that as much as I love my VersaFine ink, it tends to feather with Copics!  I tried a few different color combos too, as you can see on the one pink-ish petal.  I also started with the darkest color on that petal, and starting with the lightest color works much better.

Here's a close up where you can see the shading.  Unfortunately, you can also see one petal where I dropped one of the markers!  Yeah, that didn't work out so well!

You can see my progress in my practicing, too.  I started with the leaves, and as you can see they are pretty blocky.  Then I did the pink flowers. and those are a little less chunky-looking.  Finally I did the orange flowers and started with the lightest color first (an AHA! moment) and those blended very nicely!  I can definately see more coloring in my future!


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