Monday, January 10, 2011

Suzie's Stampin Space

This weekend was definately a resounding success!  My good friend Suzie has been wanting to redo her stamping space for quite a while.  Her space is much like mine, where her office and stamping space occupy the same room.  Well, I think I inspired her with my resent cleaning spree, so she asked me to come down and spend the weekend redoing her space!  Here is the before picture of her Work Desk:

 And here is the before picture of her Stamping Desk:

The space worked, but I could tell that she wasn't in love with it.  She wanted room to spread out and get all of her supplies organized.  With everything crammed into a corner it was hard to find exactly what she was looking for without tearing everything apart.  One thing that did work was where she stored her embellishments.  They were clearly labeled and easy to reach, so she always knew where to find what she was looking for.  I used that to inspire me on the rest of her room.  Lots of containers that will (eventually) have pretty little labels so she can keep what she uses most right at her fingertips, and put away the thing she uses only rarely. 

Suzie's Stampin Space!!

Suzie had several Cubes from Michaels already on hand, we just re-configured them to make a more workable stamping area. The only thing we had to purchase were the boards and brackets for the desktop and shelves. All it took was a little ingenuity, a stud finder, a few wall anchors, and LOTS of patience, and here we go!

Here is the after picture of her Work Desk:

Oh we had fun with this project!  Suzie did all of the purging and sorting and organizing while I did the hanging and running.  Honestly, I think she had the tougher end of the bargain!  Now there's even space available for a guest scrapper without setting up an additional table!

I can see many Mojo-filled days ahead!  Happy Stamping, Suzie!



  1. Thanks for all your help Rach!! Couldn't have done it without you!! Bring on the Diva's and let's get Stampin'!!!

  2. Now I wanna go down there again and craft in the new, fancy room! Rachel - are you up for a road trip soon!? :D


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